Sunday, May 08, 2011


I'm just totally don't know what to say right now.... I feel hurt, glad, sad, and a mix of emotions right now...

I guess the only thing i really really want is to hear you right now.... i want to be the one to know things... what's going on... what is running through your mind.....

it seems like i'm a stalker... :S but.... the silence... its killing me.... is there not a single word or topic that we can talk about?

Will it only last a hi and bye? I want to talk to you so badly.

Maybe i just really want to love and care somebody....

In summation of everything i said.... I'm a stupid fool who is selfish

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We heard it a lot of times how a smile actually lift up a person's day...

Today I have the opportunity to experience it :)

Thanks a million!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Did I?

I wonder why i didn't i think about all these stuff and told it to you when we had the talk...

I'm starting to think all the things i did.... Did I made you felt cheap?

As an adult myself... I wonder why didn't I stop myself?

This just shows how much that I have not grown. psshhh i shouldn't even consider myself an adult...

I'm really quite a failure huh...

All I want to know is what you really felt... Not only the words I'm Ok but more in what actually you thought.

You might say what can I do even if you told me. I don't know what can I do after hearing what you have said but maybe by hearing your thoughts i might be able to share the load.

This hurts even more when we are still friends but the communication have stop... a feeling truly that is near yet far very far...

tell me what do you think about me!!!!!!! So i may better myself!!!! no, your not just someone that's an experiment to improve me but you'll mark the milestone that i have grown and be remembered that someone as important as you had impacted my life.

God please help me...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Be Happy

It took me real long time to realized why am i tormenting myself with the guilt that i did... Keeping in mind that: it's not that i'm not sorry or what but i am sorry, however, what done is done and i should have known better that it will take time to get things back to "normal"...

So instead of showering myself with real negative thoughts and flashback of all the not so good things i have done (thanks to this blog of mine that i kept complaining bout stuff)... I should be thinking happy thoughts, be thankful of what I have and experiencing God's grace that have shower me with in times like these. Alright... yes it sounds like total denial of the things around but it's to make sure i'm doing alright and not dragging ppl around me down to the same pit hole i'm in...

Sooooo to start things out.... Let me recall back any happy thoughts (after the event)... no matter how small and insignificant i should rejoice and be glad in it.
  1. I'm glad that there's food being served on the table so i don't need to crack my head on what to cook :D
  2. It was awesome that i did some catching up with DSL :D she really helped me through although i didn't tell her anything >.< thanks a lot Ding :D
  3. Oh watching zombieland and youtube videos helped me kill some time instead of sobbing and tormenting myself with stuff :D hahahha ( ok it kinda sound sad and like a loser but HEY~~~ it entertained me wakakakak)
  4. Lastly the best thing is that we are still friends :D
I know there's tons of stuff i missed out... simply coz that i'm not paying attention but that's all for now... I should be posting stuff that's happy and i'm thankful about instead of bla bla bla..... LOLZ!!! looks like late night thinking really helps you out :D

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Signore~~~~~~~~~~~ SALVAMI!!!!!

help me get through this!!!!! thank you....

Give me Strength... Give me wisdom.... Thank you....

Don't know

well this is a blog that i have not written for a long long long long time.... soo when i start blogging it's most prob because of something I'm facing and no one to talked too except for the Big Guy up there...

Really if i could turn back time, or rather there's two person wishing this to happen... and i have more self control in what i'm doing and what i'm thinking.... it will be fixed.... i'm not sure if you'll be reading this but if ur reading...

Again i must say that I'm really sorry that you have to go through this. You say that i won't look at you as the same again, i'll look at you differently, BUT, i will see you as the same person as i have seen you for the first time. The normal one among all. I give you my word.

I'm thinking real hard. how are you... what are you feeling now.... i really do hope that you are alright. you say that you are fine and i know that you are strong. I just hope that it's all true. I don't know why am i not believing you.

We are pretty sure that we want to be how it used to be. Let's worked together to make that possible for You are a Great Person!

Aiutami! Aiutami!
Abbi Pieta! Abbi Pieta!
Che sciagurato! Son perduto! Oh, Signore!

Oh, Che guaio!
Che cosa ho fatto?
Oh Signore salvami!
Dov'era la mia testa?
L'ho perduta, Il Mio Amicia!

Per un bacia! Per un bacio!
che cosa ho fatto?
pieta de me
che cosa ho fatto?
mi son buttato
In una catastrofe!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

~~~ Me ~~~

hmmm~~~ there's nobody in the kid's place.... it seems everyone went somewhere or maybe just chilling out at some people's place... i've been thinking... how come i have good friends but as well feeling alone.... the fact that i won't be lonely thanks to God... but maybe because lack of physical touch????

i dunoo.... maybe because i'm quite annoying at times therefore people try to avoid me??? there's someone who said why i'm annoying.... the reason behind is because the things that i say is worthless... like there's no point to what i say... come to think about it... it is true since my mom did say something like dat....

maybe i should change to a more point oriented speaker.... say something that has meaning to stuff... ppl plz help if i'm talking something that has no point.... do tell me... i wonder if there's any point to this blog... well u say... i dunno... my point is to help me say something that has a meaning or there's a point to stuff... so yeah... Help

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

~~~ I will Be There ~~~

just a song stuck in my head right now...

"I'll be there for you....

When you need somebody

I'll be there for you....

When you need someone who cares

When your down and feeling blue I'll be there...

I'll be there for you...

When you need me I'll be there~~~"

by the Moffatts